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B i o g r a p h y

Keli Vale is a vocalist with over 20 years experience and a degree in Vocal Performance. With versatility in all styles of music, all varieties of venues, all types of sounds, she'll add flavor to any event, recording, performance, or voiceover.

Hey there, Friends!

I've been singing for my entire adult life. I started out in local bars, jumping up and singing with anyone who'd let me. It didn't take long until I started singing professionally, and eventually had my own duos, trios, and full band. I've sung on worship teams and in Gospel choirs. I've done musical theater. I went back to school and got myself a degree in vocal performance.

My latest adventure has been learning piano to accompany myself, and now I've added solo repertoire to my professional life. ​
​I'd love to sing for you; email me!

Cocktail Hours
Private Parties
Studio Vocals

Full Band


A live performance at a local Jazz Club
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